Ekoplan, Ltd. was founded by Jiri Nefe on 28th of November 1995. Its business activity and direction comes of long experience of its executives and employees in the field in which the company is active. Ekoplan offers complete services in the fields of ecology, landscaping, geodesy engineering, consultancy and real estate.

Presently, the main focus of the company’s business activities is the participation on the realization of various construction projects of gas pipelines, data-transfer, water-supply engineering etc.

Among our employees we concentrate on experience and high qualification, which they can prove with a number of acquired certificates. We endorse a direct and open method of work organization, which helps us find and eliminate any inaccuracies or mistakes. Also, team spirit I encouraged among our employees, thus increasing the final quality of our products.

Ekoplan, Ltd. cooperates on a long-term basis with specialists and law firms. The company executives are keen to implement the latest technologies ant methods into our daily operation. Herewith, we keep in mind the needs and demands of our clients. The recently acquired “Quality Management System” certificate (ISO 9001) can serve as guarantee of the quality of our services.


Jiri Nefe patents a system of underground and surface-water contamination analysis. The system works simply – and therefore it allows the water sample to be analyzed quickly and reliably. It was its simplicity that later become the key of its success.


Mr. Nefe registers his first small business, based on his patented invention. The business is called “Ekoplan” – the name is supposed to evoke the sound of a big company while stressing its dedication to environment protection. 

1989 - 1995

The patented system quickly proves to be very practical in use and the company starts evolving. Ekoplan installs its system in the river-basin of a number of Czech and Moravian rivers. Ekoplan also grows considerably. until the year 1995 it has up to 500 employees and 4 branches around the Czech Republic. Also, the field of business activities widens as the company starts focusing on landscaping, land-property, engineering and consultancy as well.


The company is restructured and from then on bears the name “Ekoplan, Ltd”. Also, some inefficient company branches are closed. Extensive investment goes into IT and other means of increasing effectiveness. Furthermore, Ekoplan newly focuses on real estate.

1995 – 2014

The company keeps growing constantly and strengthens its market position. The major aim is to increase the final product quality and customer satisfaction.

Ekoplan receives a prestigious “Quality Management System” certificate. The certificate was awarded in October 2007 by TÜV SÜD.